Trojan View Expandable Post Binder 4-6 Inch Letter Size


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Expandable post binder made in the USA with durable vinyl in black or white. Clear view pockets on the front and spine , insert your own pre-printed  titles. Vinyl is electronically welded over stiff binders board. . Telesscopic Post are 3/16 inch diameter. Sliding lock  insures your letter size documents stay put. The Trojan binder is simple and easy to use and will not tear up your documents like a traditional D-Ring or Round Ring binder.Expandable feature is about readilbility. Four (4) inches of  document  pages spread out into 7 inches of contolled space for reference then compactly contract back to four inches for shelf storage.

Superior  functionality to large round ring or D ring binders which suffers the pages.

  • Trojan View  Binder
  • Black or white
  • Made in the USA
  • 11 x 8.5 inch + TA  letter size
  • Larger capacity post binder
  • 3/16 inch post sleeves  diameter
  • 4-6 inch paper capacity, 4 inch minimun start capacity
  • Vinyl electronicaly sealed
  • Heat treated molded hinges for durabilityClear view pockets, front & spine
  • 8 rivets and locking mechanism
  • Simple operation
  • See  Crane’s YOU TUBE  video expandable post binder

We also custom manufacture to the job in specalaity colors. minum order, please call us at 800-298-5555 for a quote.


List Price 96.97                                       Discounted Price low as  $60.42 ea (12)

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