Trojan View Expandable Post Binder 3-5 Inch Letter Size


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Expandable post binder made in the USA with durable vinyl black, white. Clear VIEW pockets  front and spine to insert your own preprinted titles. Vinyl is electronic welded over stiff binding board. Post are 3/16 inch diameter and riveted in 8 different spots for a very secure post binder. Sliding lock on the bottom insures your letter size documents stay put. The Trojan binder is simple and easy to use and will not tear up your documents like a traditional D-Ring or Round Ring binder will.

  • Trojan Expandable Binder
  • Made in the USA
  • 11 x 8.5 letter size
  • Large capacity post binder
  • 3/16 inch post diameter
  • 3-5 inch paper capacity
  • Vinyl sealed
  • Clear view pockets, front & spine
  • 8 rivet and locking mechanism
  • Simple operation

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