Trojan Ironhorse Post Binder 4 Inch Expandable Letter Size


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Stay in control in the world of large capacity binders with this turned edge expandable post binder. We first start with a library grade buckram that will provide 20+ years of service at a minimum. Black or navy is then hand turned over .120 pt graphic board that is cross grained laminated. We round corner for comfort, durability and a good look just like the McBee Magnum binders but we’ve improved the build quality!


The BEST Trojan binder made in the World built in the USA. Trojan IRONHORSE


The Trojan expandable binder is turned in with the steel components to make a double steel spine and give it extra strength. This is a heavy duty post binder that has a capacity from 4-6 inches of letter size paper. Combine this with our reinforced paper and you have a very robust binder that will sure to impress and last a very long time. All made in the USA from the components to the board and hand turned as no machine can make this binder.


  • Trojan binder
  • 4-6 inch capacity
  • Heavy duty
  • Expanding post binder
  • 11 x 8.5 letter size
  • Library grade buckram
  • 20+ service life years
  • Black, gray or navy buckram*
  • 3/16 inch post diameter
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Standard US 3 hole spacing
  • Nickle plated components
  • Steel spine plates


We have the cability of in-house screen printing or hot foil stamping for O&M manuals, please call us for a quote at 800-298-5555.


Related binders are the Oxford C619-3, Wilson Jones, Mcbee Magnum binders.

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