12″ x 18″ Ring Binder 1″ 3 Rings


Our 12×18 ring binder is designed for convenient organization and storage of larger documents.

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12″ x 18″ Ring Binder 1″ 3 Rings

High quality hand cased, woven cloth hand turned over premium binder board. For 12 x 18 Architectural Drawing. Nickel plated steel three (3) ring mechanism is securely attached to inside back cover with USA hardened steel rivets.

Premium 12×18 ring binder with Angle D 3 Rings in 1″ capacity.

Crane Binder also supplies 12 x 18 paper stock that is pre-drilled with correct spacing and hole diameter holes. Another important accessory that is so rare in availability is our heavy duty clear vinyl sheet protectors for 12×18 engineering drawings. Import the high grade resin from Austria. Extra thick 8 mil gauge.

Nickel plated steel 3 ring mechanism is non booster (no triggers) attached to inside back cover with USA hardened steel rivets ring is an Angle D 3 ring with 4.25″ C-C US standard.

Organize and store your documents with ease using our 12×18 ring binder. This durable and spacious binder features secure rings to hold your papers securely in place. Perfect for larger-sized documents, presentations, artwork, and more. Keep your important materials protected and easily accessible with our reliable 12×18 ring binder.

12×18 paper is commonly used for various purposes that require a larger paper size. Some of the common uses include:

1. Artwork: Artists often use 12×18 paper for sketching, drawing, and creating larger-sized art pieces.

2. Posters and Flyers: This paper size is popular for designing and printing posters, flyers, and promotional materials that need more space for visual elements and text.

3. Presentations and Displays: 12×18 paper can be used for creating visual aids, charts, graphs, and diagrams for presentations or educational displays.

4. Photography: Photographers may use 12×18 paper for printing high-quality photos, especially when larger prints are desired for exhibitions or framing.

5. Architectural Drawings: Architects and designers often use 12×18 paper for creating scaled drawings, floor plans, and architectural designs.

6. Maps and Charts: Cartographers and geographers may utilize 12×18 paper for printing detailed maps or charts that require a larger format.

7. Scrapbooking: Craft enthusiasts and scrapbookers may opt for 12×18 paper to accommodate larger layouts, collages, or photo albums.

8. Technical Drawings: Engineers, drafters, and technical illustrators may use 12×18 paper for creating detailed technical drawings or engineering diagrams.

9. Signage: For creating signs, banners, or large labels, 12×18 paper offers sufficient space to convey messages and attract attention.

Overall, the larger dimensions of 12×18 paper provide versatility and flexibility for a wide range of creative, professional, and practical applications.


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