12 x 18 Ring Binder 3 Ring 1.5 Inch Turned Edge


Organize and store your documents with ease using our 12×18 ring binder. This durable and spacious binder features secure rings to hold your papers securely in place.

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12″ x 18″ Ring Binder 1 1/2″ 3 Ring

Premium Turned Edge ring binders, specialty size for 12 x 18 engineering drawings, artwork & architectural drawing. Angle “D” 3 ring non-booster 1-1/2″ capacity mounted on the back cover. 1-5/8″ spine width, 20-1/2″ length. Black woven book cloth hand wrapped around thick stiff binder boards using hot glue from a Potdevin. These 12×18 ring binders are built to last and IMPRESS. Rounded corners are tucked in by hand giving each binder a unique imprint. Smoked Gray Linen Cloth interior linings adds to the impact and quality. Good contrast with the black woven cloth.

NEW! Engineered Dual Hinge Technology has shrunk the spine width for better grip and allows the front cover to close down on the 12×18 paper at any level of capacity.
12 x 18 drawings are some times a 50% output of original 24 x 36 CAD engineering drawings. 12 x 18 is more manageable size to walk the facility walk for required OSHA inspections.

Expect decades of service Hard Cover Bespoke Architectural presentation binder

Quick Details of our 12×18 Ring Binder:

  • Premium woven cloth in black (stock)
  • Smoked Gray cloth interior (stock)
  • Extra thick board with round corners
  • Hand made in USA
  • Angle D 3 ring non-booster
  • 1-1/2″ paper capacity
  • 12×18 paper sheet size
  • Extended length for 12×18 sheet protectors
  • 20-1/2″ length
  • 1-5/8″ spine width

12×18 paper is commonly used for various purposes that require a larger paper size. Some of the common uses include:

1. Artwork: Artists often use 12×18 paper for sketching, drawing, and creating larger-sized art pieces.

2. Posters and Flyers: This paper size is popular for designing and printing posters, flyers, and promotional materials that need more space for visual elements and text.

3. Presentations and Displays: 12×18 paper can be used for creating visual aids, charts, graphs, and diagrams for presentations or educational displays.

4. Photography: Photographers may use 12×18 paper for printing high-quality photos, especially when larger prints are desired for exhibitions or framing.

5. Architectural Drawings: Architects and designers often use 12×18 paper for creating scaled drawings, floor plans, and architectural designs.

6. Maps and Charts: Cartographers and geographers may utilize 12×18 paper for printing detailed maps or charts that require a larger format.

7. Scrapbooking: Craft enthusiasts and scrapbookers may opt for 12×18 paper to accommodate larger layouts, collages, or photo albums.

8. Technical Drawings: Engineers, drafters, and technical illustrators may use 12×18 paper for creating detailed technical drawings or engineering diagrams.

9. Signage: For creating signs, banners, or large labels, 12×18 paper offers sufficient space to convey messages and attract attention.

Overall, the larger dimensions of 12×18 paper provide versatility and flexibility for a wide range of creative, professional, and practical applications.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 12 in

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