Saunders, Posse Box Aluminum Clipboard Storage,Law,RED, Black


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Saunders, POSSE BRAND POSSE BOX POLICE ALUMINUM CLIPBOARDS Light weight hard anodized aluminum posse brand police clipboard. LEFT SIDE opening with two internal trays. Stay neat , clean and organized with the nationally acclaimed Posse box aluminum clipboard box. A Contractor favorite PB 37S 9″ x 14″ x 1.5″ – Self Locking latch, dual tray, separate pencil tray . The real star feature / benefit is the unique holding action of the spring loaded pencil holder concealed under the wide police clip. Holds police supply citation forms, crime reports ; contractors keep your “portable desk” aluminum clipboard box ready. Regular List is 74.25. discount price is 47.35 ea. Aluminum Clipboard with storage.

Available in powder coated colors: black,RED , blue are stock colors while other colors can be bulk ordered modest quantities by Phoning 800-298-5555.

Crane has supplied Olive Green for Border Patrol – Trump WALL, Orange for PGE, California.

Andoized aluminum Posse Box PB37S

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